I am a Creative Director with excellent project management skills and a great deal of professional experience in integrated communication, adv, concept generation, strategy, digital and brand design.
My career ranges from permanent and freelance roles in award-winning agencies to small boutique studios as well as being an entrepreneur running an integrated creative agency.
I have worked in the food, beauty, charity, start-up, non profit, financial, art, fashion, wellness, healthcare, hospitality and automotive industries.
My interests include art, cinema, design, technology, music, fashion and craftsmanship (I practically grew up in a tailoring workshop). Above all, I especially like further developing my life-long Italian cooking skills.
I am keen to stay up-to-date with current trends. I am always on the lookout for opportunities that make the most of my experience, that expand my knowledge and engage my creativity in new directions.
Recently I have been working on my new creative project: Choosy.
A collective of freelancers with different skills who work on projects of all sizes remotely around the world.
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